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Commemorate a Special Occasion with a Laser Wood Cutting or Engraving in NZ

Are you getting ready to celebrate a wedding? An important birthday? A big anniversary? Laser wood engraving gives NZ a fun way to memorialise events such as this with just the right balance of personalisation and price. If you know where to look, it’s easy to find commemorative pieces that speak to the importance of the occasion and your care for the recipient. Whether you need something appropriate for a child finishing school or want to show your spouse how much you’ve treasured being together, KAR Innovations can craft the right piece for you.

Making artful creations from wood with laser engraving is this NZ business’ main mission. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we’ve got a record of providing high quality products to commercial and private buyers alike.

Finding Laser Wood Cutting in NZ


As wood laser cutting has taken NZ over, there are now a few options for finding this service in New Zealand. KAR Innovations, however, remains the top provider of custom wood cutting services. Among the many materials we work with, wood is one of the most common, and we have extensive experience making beautiful pieces. Our familiarity with this material means you’ll get a final product that respects the beauty and quality of whatever wood we’re working with, so you get that distinctive look you’re seeking.

After all, if you will be displaying this piece for a while, you’ll need a classic design that stands up to the test of time while encompassing the individual sentiments it holds for you. When it comes to something so personal, you want to trust only the best. To see some of the reviews we’ve had from previous customers click here. You’ll see why KAR Innovations is a top choice for wood cutting and engraving in NZ.

Get Creative with It

Once you’re ready to design your piece, we’ll be on hand to make sure everything comes out exactly as you want it. Don’t be afraid to give us a challenge and make sure you get a truly unique piece that reflects the importance of this occasion for you and your family. While we know just about everything when it comes to laser cutting, we don’t know what’s the most important aspect to you, so we’re open to any feedback or special requests you have for our team.

You can even send us requests in whatever format is easiest for you -- we can work with jpegs, PDFs, or PNGs and while our preferred format is Drawing Interchange Format (or Drawing Exchange Format), we can even work with sketches for an additional cost. As you can probably tell, we truly enjoy this work, and we love getting new design requests that we know are going to make you and your family happy for years to come. Click here to get in touch with us and get started on creating a beautiful piece of memorabilia that will blow your family away.

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