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Are You Thinking about Glass Laser Cutting or Engraving in NZ? Get in Touch with KAR Innovations to Discuss the Specifics of Your Project

Few things are more beautiful than a professionally engraved or carefully etched piece of glass. From glass doors and windows to signage and ornate balustrades, glass is gorgeous by itself and becomes even more stunning with the right touches.

At KAR Innovations, we pride ourselves on the quality and detail of our glass laser cutting and glass laser engraving in NZ. Whether you are putting something together for your home, your business, or a special occasion such as a wedding, we can help you get the aesthetic you want at a price you can afford.

Planning Your Project: Where to Start

If you are in the midst of planning a laser glass cutting project in NZ, a good way to get started is by taking a look through the KAR Innovations photo gallery. Looking at a few of the projects we have undertaken in the past should give you an idea of some of the things we can do with a laser. You may have a vision in your head of what you want for glass etching or engraving, or you could be looking for ideas or inspiration to kickstart your creative process. Either way, looking through the gallery is a good first step.

From there, it’s a good idea to reach out to us directly to see how quickly we can meet your request. We are always happy to take on new projects for laser glass engraving in NZ. However, as a small studio, our availability fluctuates depending on the other projects we have accepted recently. If we recently started a project for a client that requested 200 individual pieces for engraving, we will accept your project too, but we give you a realistic time for when we can finish. We always strive to be 100% transparent about our availability, as we know that customers have varying deadlines of their own that they need to keep.

If we are clear to handle your glass laser cutting project in NZ, all we’ll need to get started is the design and some guidance on the pieces you want etched or engraved. Of course, working with windows or larger slabs of glass is a bit different than working with wine glasses. If you find that you need help or advice, you can always reach out to us directly. Our phone number is 021 170 6025. As for your design, if it’s ready, just send it over in JPEG, PDF, PNG or DFX format.

Making Laser Glass Engraving in NZ Easy

As a New Zealand based company with 15 years of industry experience spanning many industries and materials, KAR Innovations is here to make your glass laser engraving project in NZ as easy and seamless as possible. From cutting to etching to routing, we love working with glass and creating stunning finished products for our customers to love. We look forward to doing the same for you.


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