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Custom Laser Cutting Offers Commercial Solutions in NZ

As a reliable solution to tricky-to-make components, commercial laser cutting gives NZ businesses the edge in creating reliable products. While it’s now more popular than ever before, many assume that this innovative technology is only a viable solution for highly specialised products or certain materials, such as wood or steel.

The fact is, however, that this state-of-the-art approach to design and manufacture can be used in a much more comprehensive variety of applications than you might imagine. From branding everything from your classic wood to fruit, you can use the precision offered by this technology on almost any material. You just must find an experienced technician to do it. That’s where KAR Innovations can help. With over 15 years’ experience in engraving and cutting, we can bring these powerful tools to just about any design situation.

Two Applications for Laser Cutting in NZ

When it comes to custom laser cutting we’ve done in NZ, the results are hard to deny. Check out our full gallery here to get an idea of the how much energy and creativity we bring to the field. KAR Innovations created each piece you see here, and each one speaks of a different challenge we’ve overcome for the client.

These laser cut Sistema lids, for instance, were made to the specific requirements of a customer and display the variety of materials that can benefit from laser cutting technology. When it comes to more traditional materials, such as wood and steel, our creativity and attention to detail still shines through. From etching a logo into your next big promotional piece to designing complicated input components that must be crafted with care and attention, the KAR Innovations team can get your project done.

How Custom Commercial Cutting Delivers More

There are a few major reasons to go with a custom laser design over other options for commercial products. As you’ve already seen in our gallery, working with someone who understands these materials profoundly and knows how to get the right effects out of them, can take your final product from effective to beautiful. Our attention to detail and concern for quality means you’ll get highly consistent results, even over large orders with a lot of specifications. No matter what you need, we’re confident we can cut it.

Plus, you’ll be working with a dedicated and personable team throughout the whole process which makes ordering a custom cut product from KAR Innovations much more pleasant than working with an impersonal supplier.

As an NZ owned and operated business, we see fellow NZ businesspeople as part of our community. We don’t just want to get the job done and run; we want to form a lasting professional relationship with the businesses around us. Just like the extra attention we pay to our products, we’ll pay a little extra attention to you. So, in addition to getting a state-of-the-art product, you get a great buying experience and a new business partner to boot. Get in touch today to learn more and meet our team.

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